I’ve been photographing weddings for 10 years, before specialising in elopements and intimate weddings, I regularly photographed large weddings with 100+ guests, and there’s definitely a few difference between the two styles. This is my top six reasons to elope, created from years of observing both large and small weddings.

1. VOW INTIMACY   This is a biggie, and one of the main reason couple’s choose to elope. Reading your vows in an intimate setting is incredibly emotional and meaningful. Speaking just to each other, without the nerves of speaking in front of 100+ people, many of whom are extended family or family friends that you may have only met a couple of times in your life.

2. EPIC LOCATION   Elopements appeal to couples that love adventure, travel and exploring together. You can choose any location that you want, from hiking to waterfalls, taking a helicopter to a mountain top, or exploring a remote west coast beach, without the logistical limitations of 100+ guests to worry about, you can choose any epic location that you want.

Feeling stressed about your wedding day is just not what it should be about! The overwhelming list of decisions and the trying to deal with everyone’s opinions on your wedding, can feel never-ending, such as who to invite and who you might offend by not…. what cake should you pick?…. what flowers?….. how many bridesmaids/groomsmen should you have?….. the venue’s strict timeline means you have no flexibility in your day…… the mounting cost…..should you have a band or a DJ? This stress inducing list goes on and on. Eloping eliminates all of this stress, and enables you to just concentrate on what the two of you want, what is most important to you, without the anxiety of trying to please everyone else and include at the expensive traditions at your wedding that you were not to fussed on to start with.

4. AVOID FAMILY DRAMA   Unfortunately I’ve photographed so many weddings where separated parents are unable to put aside their differences for their child’s wedding, add in the mix of alcohol and step partners, and as the day progresses things can become more and more uncomfortable for everyone. If there is any animosity between your parents & family, then eloping might be the perfect answer for you.

5. TRAVEL    Couple’s that choose to elope, tend to have a passion for travel, adventure and love the outdoor lifestyle. Eloping to a new country can often double as their honeymoon and wedding rolled in to one. Why not consider hiring a camper van and travelling around the country after your wedding? Life is an adventure, why not make your wedding day one too.

6. EXPENSE  Putting on a wedding for 100+ guests can be very costly, for half the cost you could fly to your dream destination, and get married exactly the way you want to. Put the spare wedding cash towards your first home or paying off student debts.

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