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Micro Weddings are the perfect cross between an elopement and a large wedding



tiny weddings offer a more intimate experience

Micro weddings are on the rise, and I can see why! They are a great middle ground for couples that like the freedom element of an elopement, but want to include a small number of guests.

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What is a Micro Wedding?

A small, intimate wedding with between 10-50 guests. A Micro wedding allows couples to have the freedom of choice and relaxed timeline that comes with an elopement, yet still combine some of the more traditional elements from a larger wedding.

benefits of a micro wedding


More Intimate


The Logistics



With large weddings, couple's often don't even get chance to speak to all the guests, but with a smaller guest list you can spend quality time with each of those you care about most on your big day.

Saying your vows in front of a large crowd for some people can be nerve wracking, and these nerves can take away from the emotion of what you are trying to say to your partners, so by declaring your vows in front of a much smaller number of family and friends, you can help make the vibe more intimate and meaningful.

Most venues charge per head, so there's a definite saving from having a wedding with a 100+ guests to one with just 10-50. With this saving, you can indulge on your guests and opt for an indulgent menu, or turn the wedding in to a destination wedding with 3 days events, or put this saving towards an epic honeymoon or house deposit.

By having a smaller number of guests, you have much more freedom to have the wedding where you want to. Think the family bach, on the beach, or in a mountain lodge in Queesntown. Without the constraints of a large venue, you have the flexibility to choose a location that is unique, plus create a timeline that suits you. If you want sunset photos, you can time a late ceremony.

new zealand elopement photography
new zealand elopement photographer

Turn your Micro Wedding in to a getaway destination wedding!

Without that big venue hire to worry about, why not take your wedding and your guests on the road! Head to the family bach, your favourite beach, or hire a unique Airbnb in the mountains, turning your intimate wedding into a destination wedding.

Talk to me if you want to split your coverage between days, you might want to show off the local area with a boat charter the day before the wedding, or have a relaxed BBQ at the beach, or a group glacier tour, if you are planning group activities around your destination micro wedding, let me know and let's see if we can work it in to your package.

new zealand elopement photographer
new zealand elopement photographer


Micro weddings

micro weddings and COVID

Tiny weddings have become even more popular as we find ourselves in these unusual COVID times. The reality is that many guests are just not able to travel to attend weddings now, whether this is due to Covid border restrictions or health risks associated with travelling. So for many couples, if they can't have everyone there, then it makes sense to scale it right back to the people that can and are most important to them.

Big does not always mean better

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